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"What a great idea to take one tune and see how the great players played it through the years, with all the various chord changes as well. Eric has done a masterful job on his transcriptions and I especially like his analysis. The accuracy of the transcriptions is quite remarkable."




"A brilliant approach that deftly highlights the genius of all these fine tenor saxophonists. This important book should make its way into the toolbox of every student of improvisation."




"Eric has done a great job of transcribing and analyzing these solos in a very thoughtful and intelligent way."




"Body & Soul is a tune all improvisers have to come to terms with, and this book documents the history and shows how the classic geniuses have rendered this gem of a standard. This is a must have book for all jazz musicians, not just saxophonists.”




"Eric Allen has provided a valuable insight into Body and Soul.  His depth of research is an inspiration and wake up call for all students of this art form. I will definitely use this as a template for my students to aspire to when analyzing or transcribing music they wish to learn. This is a perfect example of how to learn great music from great musicians and how to express and remember it for a lifetime."




"The painstaking clarity and stylistic breadth of Eric Allen's new book is monumental. This will definitely become a treasured resource for jazz students globally to study and enjoy."




"The title and lyric of Body and Soul gives us, as improvisers, an approach about how to play music. It's all about love and expression. Coleman Hawkins felt it and set a high standard of creative improvisation for everyone to follow, no matter what tune you are exploring. Let's not forget all of these beautiful solos included in this well-crafted book were played spontaneously, with eyes closed and ears opened! Bravo, Eric, for your amazing work and passion."




"This book documents the development of an American jazz classic. Having had the opportunity to work with two of the artists presented here (Sonny Rollins and Chris Potter), I have felt firsthand what happens when you put a great song in the hands of a great improviser. This is a beautifully executed and important work. Highly recommended!"




"Smartly selecting the iconic standard Body and Soul, Eric Allen has found a refreshing way to compare stylistic and harmonic devices of the greatest tenor players past and present. Using this standard of all standards as common ground, you are bound to find some new ideas to add to your vocabulary."




"This is an important new book for every serious student of improvisation. Accurate transcriptions of famous solos by the masters are analyzed to give the student an understanding of how to construct a great solo."




"Body and Soul" is so integral in our world of jazz, it's almost a compulsory song to know. The harmonic and melodic structure of this iconic song is flawless. Maybe that's why jazz musicians have been so captivated by it for so many years. In this terrific book, we have the opportunity to enjoy, and really examine, the artistry of these great tenor saxophone players - each in the wake of, and in tribute to, Coleman Hawkins' preeminent performance in 1939. I plan to get lost inside these pages for a good long while!"




"This book is really a tour of titans of the tenor saxophone. Few transcription books go into this kind of depth. What a wonderful opportunity to see eight great artists interpret one of the all-time great standards! I highly recommend it!"






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